Floorplans & Custom Home Designs

Custom floorplans and custom home design services

Have you been looking for house plans but still can’t find what you want? You’re not alone! If you’re like many who are seeking to build, you may have begun looking at countless house plans online… They are likely all starting to run together, and none truly fit what you’re looking for.  June Belle Homes, LLC provides full service, custom house plans services to suit the needs and style of you and your family. “Home” is a place that should portray your family’s lifestyle and personality. Our plans are designed by a licensed general contractor  – so it’s uniquely designed in a way that’s both beautiful and in a manner that is cost efficient from a building standpoint. Our designer/contractor has over a decade of knowledge of local building codes for custom home plans in NC.

Don’t settle for building a home that’s “nearly” right. Have our designers listen to your needs, and design a custom floorplan that is as unique as you are! Beauty, function, and created exclusively for you and your family.

Are you a fellow contractor who needs plan sets drawn for your custom builds or spec homes? We can help with that as well! Click here to discuss your needs, or call Justin Keisler at (828) 358-3404 and we’d love to work with you.

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