Selection Phase

At this point you have received an initial cost proposal from June Belle Homes to build out your project. Part of that initial cost proposal includes items we call “selections”. These are the places where you get to make your choices like tile selections, cabinet styles and colors, etc. Your initial cost proposal will include cost categories as place holders for these items based on the conversations we had in steps 1 through 3. We know what you are thinking, wait a minute, cost categories as place holders, that sounds like a cost plus situation. Not to worry, this is where our Selection Process comes into play, remember we are still building everything on paper at this point. Now that you feel comfortable with the initial cost proposal so far, we will set up a meeting for you to come into our in house selection studio. That’s right, with June Belle Homes there is no running all over town to different vendors or third party show rooms to pick out your selections piece meal style, we have all the samples you need to fine tune your design and cost right in one location. This allows you to look at all of your colors together to create a cohesive design all in one place. And don’t worry if you have your hearts desire set on something that is not in our show room, we will be glad to work with you to make that happen as well. This is also where you will have the opportunity to really get that initial cost proposal where you want it. If the budget is getting tighter than you would like we can offer alternative products to help bring the costs back in line with where you want them, or maybe you ran into some unexpected monies and you want to splurge on an item that was more expensive than your initial cost proposal, this is where all that takes place. For most customers, this is the fun stuff where your project really starts to take shape and come to life. Once we have everything where you want it in the Selections Process, we will provide you with a final cost proposal that includes your design and selections all rolled into one.