Our Process

What to expect when you work with June Belle Homes

What To Expect When You Remodel with June Belle Homes

  • Free Consultation
  • Rough Initial Cost Estimation
  • Design Phase
  • Selection Phase
  • Building Contract

Meet with lead designer and licensed general contractor, Justin Keisler from the comfort of home as he visits the property, assesses the current condition, and listens to your needs/wants. He will make recommendations, discuss any structural limitations, and suggest a plan to get you to realize your dreams for a home remodel.

In this step of our process, the goal is simple. We want to take some time to get to know you as a client, and really listen to make sure we understand what your vision is for your home and how we can help to make it a reality.

It is important to understand, that this a rough cost estimate only, and is not an official job cost proposal. The goal here is to help you to see if your budget for the project and our rough cost estimate are in the same ballpark. This also gives you a chance to compare our initial cost estimation to that of other contractors who are quoting the job to help you decide which direction to take your project, and narrow down that all important question of which contractor to choose.

There is where we may start to look a little different than other contractors you may be talking to.  While some contractors like to offer a “cost plus” or “time and material” type contract, we prefer to give actual hard cost proposals.  What’s the difference you may ask, it’s simple.  A cost plus contract is simply that, you as a home owner will pay all of the associated costs of the job to cover any labor or materials, and then you will also pay the “plus” portion which is typically a percentage of those costs that you pay to the contractor as his or her fee for managing the project.  This is where the horror stories of costs overruns for remodel contracts come from.  Simply put there is no real incentive for the contractor to meet their budget because you are committed to paying all of the costs and then the plus, so if cost overruns happen it is paid for by the customer not the contractor.  While there are times where this flexibility is needed and helpful, for most clients we find that a major source of stress for determining whether to do a remodel or not is having confidence in the costs up front before the job starts.

This is where June Belle Homes comes in to help.  Part of our process is to build the house on paper before we ever swing a hammer or move a shovel of dirt.  In this phase we will come in to your project and field measure every part of the home being affected.  We then go to work creating house plans of how your home exists today (called as built plans) as well as drawing up plans for what you want to happen in your space.  This is where you really get to start seeing the project come to life on paper.  Once we get the design nailed down to what you want, we can start sending out your plans to get the hard cost quotes we mentioned earlier.  As you may have guessed, there is a lot of work that goes into this phase of your project which is why many contractors choose not to do this style of cost proposal.  While we would love to be able to provide this service to every potential client at no charge, there will be some real time and work that go into this phase of your project, so we do collect a design fee to complete this part of the job.  But no worries, once the design phase is complete you get to keep all the plans we create whether you choose to have June Belle Homes do the work or you decide to go with another contractor.

At this point you have received an initial cost proposal from June Belle Homes to build out your project. Part of that initial cost proposal includes items we call “selections”. These are the places where you get to make your choices like tile selections, cabinet styles and colors, etc. Your initial cost proposal will include cost categories as place holders for these items based on the conversations we had in steps 1 through 3. We know what you are thinking, wait a minute, cost categories as place holders, that sounds like a cost plus situation. Not to worry, this is where our Selection Process comes into play, remember we are still building everything on paper at this point. Now that you feel comfortable with the initial cost proposal so far, we will set up a meeting for you to come into our in house selection studio. That’s right, with June Belle Homes there is no running all over town to different vendors or third party show rooms to pick out your selections piece meal style, we have all the samples you need to fine tune your design and cost right in one location. This allows you to look at all of your colors together to create a cohesive design all in one place. And don’t worry if you have your hearts desire set on something that is not in our show room, we will be glad to work with you to make that happen as well. This is also where you will have the opportunity to really get that initial cost proposal where you want it. If the budget is getting tighter than you would like we can offer alternative products to help bring the costs back in line with where you want them, or maybe you ran into some unexpected monies and you want to splurge on an item that was more expensive than your initial cost proposal, this is where all that takes place. For most customers, this is the fun stuff where your project really starts to take shape and come to life. Once we have everything where you want it in the Selections Process, we will provide you with a final cost proposal that includes your design and selections all rolled into one.

Whew, deep breath! Now that the Design and Selection Phases are complete you have the full picture of what your project will be and what materials are going into it. You also have the final cost proposal so you know what the project will cost as long as we don’t run into any unforeseen surprises, remember, it is remodeling after all, and you never know what’s behind the wall until demo day. But don’t worry, if something comes up we will be there to help every step of the way. At this point you will sign on with June Belle Homes to be the general contractor to complete your project. We will start getting materials lined up and get a schedule started to complete your project.

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