Frequently Asked

Why the name June Belle Homes?

We get asked often, “what is the story behind the name June Belle Homes?”. We hope you will take a moment to read about Justin’s backstory and what he values most in life. A big part of his story is his desire to leave a legacy of integrity and faith for his children. “June” and “Belle” are the nicknames of his two daughters. Click here to learn more about his family values and mission behind our company.

What is the difference between a handyman and a contractor?

If a contractor holds a license for construction work, it proves that they have met certain industry standards to acquire the license and that they also maintain those standards when working a contract to uphold their license. Acquiring a license is a costly endeavor for the contractor to achieve and then maintain, which shows their commitment to being certified and legal and ability to obey construction law. There are many considerations when deciding between a handyman vs. a contractor – and we have detailed many of them in the article we have available here.

What does it mean to be 'licensed and insured'?

You may hear this phrase a lot in our industry. June Belle Homes operates without cutting corners. We have coverage for General Liability and Workers Compensation that exceeds the industry average. This means your home and property are secure – in the event of any unfortunate (and unlikely) accident, you can rest assured we can make it right.

How does your process work if I want to remodel with you?

An excellent explanation of our process is available here.  From the free consultation, to the completion of your project, we maintain a relationship of dependability and communication. Our process protects you and your budget. Learn more here.

Do you do just house plans?

Absolutely. Some clients wish to get a set of custom house plans and aren’t quite ready to build yet. Perhaps you recently purchased some land, and want to envision a home that would be suitable for the current grade/slope of the land. We can help.

Do you have more questions?